Vineyard consulting services

Lydia offers vineyard consulting services to existing growers, as well as prospective growers, in the Texas Hill Country and surrounding areas.  Vineyard consulting services for established vineyards include vineyard instruction and training for site preparation, planting, vine training, canopy management practices, sampling methods, pest management, yield estimation, and post harvest vineyard care.  Lydia also performs regular onsite inspections to plan for pest control, vineyard management practices, and irrigation scheduling.  

For new and prospective growers Lydia offers vineyard planning and organization consulting.  She will help you plan and map out your vineyard, assisting you with varietal decision making, vine ordering, and vineyard budgeting.   She will also get you connected with important contacts for ordering supplies and equipment, as well as potential buyers for your fruit. 

For more information about the vineyard consulting services please contact Lydia.



winemaking consulting services

Robert offers winemaking consulting services to existing and prospective wineries in the Texas Hill Country and surrounding areas.  His services include consulting on winery design, equipment needs, wine style development, winery procedures, and staff development and training.

For more information about the winemaking consulting services please contact Robert.